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Embodiment Practice

Monthly Embodiment classes



This beautiful class is taught Via Online live stream, so you get to stay cosy and practice at home.

Movement for Empowering Women and Healing Burnout!!

Our focus is stress release, trauma healing, soothing the nervous system and healing burnout.

A healing and release for physical stress, emotional stress and chemical stress.

Infused with

Breath work
Yin stretches
Intuitive Dance
Body tapping
Healing self massage
Deep Body Relaxation Journey

Create new freedoms, balance your energy, experience the lightness of letting go and connection back to your soul. The true essence within you

I leave you with tips, journal prompts and some healing embodiment tools to keep you practicing through and into the rest of the month, until our next practice and you can find the Songs playlist for the embodiment practices here on Spotify….

As this community is growing I would love to plan on hosting more Embodiment practices and opportunities to hold more experiences of freedom together, in person and retreat deep in nature when we have warmer weather.

It’s an online platform and Spaces are available, so if this sounds like something you need and would love to experience contact me to book your place, and start your journey of self healing and more freedom.

Wishing you a wonderful week

Much love



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