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at Mind Body and Soul Yoga Studio Tina welcomes other independent Teachers to share her space and offer additional yoga practices and teachings. Tina encourages you to try out different classes and styles and is thankful to these beautiful and special teachers who share their practices and use her studio.


…Began practicing Yoga in 2010 as a means to release stresses caused by her busy career, and found a strong draw to the unique experience Yoga practice provides. As a result she was inspired to share this experience with family and friends and went on to study with the British School of Yoga, to qualify in teaching Adult Hatha Yoga, Pre and Post Natal yoga. With a history in massage and wellbeing, Jess has a great understanding of the body and how we can use Yoga Practice to aid in wellbeing, healing and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Having previously followed a high-stress career in Sales for many years and after becoming a mummy in 2013, Jess aims to teach her classes with empathy and care for the individual, all abilities and ages are welcome! A fascination and intrigue for the many facets of Yoga and its countless possibilities lead her to continually study Yoga and improve her own practice.

Join Jess to relax, breathe and re-charge.

You can contect her here Jess’s Phone: 07816160626 or the studio 01726 337010


You will find Jess here every Thursday Night at 6pm for…

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Join Jess for an uplifting and relaxing Vinyasa Yoga Class that will leave your whole body feeling toned, cleansed and invigorated and your mid totally de-cluttered. Whether you are an experienced Yogi or a total beginner, these classes suit and attract all abilities as Jess will guide you through each level of movement. Come along after work and breathe away any stress from your day for a more relaxing evening. These classes are infused with flowing body postures (Asanas), sequences and stretches, various meditations and guided relaxations that all link with the seasons. Total Bliss!
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..has been practicing yoga for over 9 years and quickly discovered the many great benefits of this amazing ancient practice.
It gave her the space and freedom to be present and grounded whilst juggling life as a working mum. Yoga has a way of infusing into every day life on and off the mat and it has enriched Ashley’s life in many ways.
Knowing how much yoga has given her, Ashley decided to go deeper into her studies and completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with British School of Yoga and is now Registered with the Independent Yoga Network.
Ashley wanted to give others the opportunity to realise the many wonderful benefits of yoga and meditation practice and began teaching in January 2017.
Ashley delivers her classes with a mindful approach, infusing mindfulness practice as much as possible through exploring asanas and meditation.
With a keen interest in mindfulness, Ashley trained as a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher for teenagers with Yoga Alliancei, learning about the ways in which the adolescent brain functions and what yoga can do to enrich their lives, improve their studies, social skills, self esteem and development. There are so many amazing benefits for teenagers!
Yoga gives teens (and adults!) time away from the digital world that we live in, bringing them home to their true selves. To notice what’s going on within them and the environment around them, growing up with empathy, respect and acceptance. Helping them to grow and flourish into healthy, happy adults.
Ashley also trained with the Mindful Yoga Academy in Spain to teach Mindful Yin Yoga. Working with the deeper connective tissue and meridians in the body and combined with the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction course (MBSR) By being mindful in our practice we can train the brain to be more mindful in other areas of our lives, meaning we can become more efficient, focused and accepting of life’s little challenges.
She now infuses this mindful approach in all of her classes. Encouraging students to come out of ‘doing’ mode and slip into ‘being’ mode, coming out of autopilot and experiencing things with a beginners mind.
Ashley takes great pleasure in seeing her students relax into shavasana with a smile on their faces, knowing that they leave with a sense of ease and peace in their hearts. For Ashley yoga is not about super bendy bodies and how flexible you are, if you can breathe you can do yoga!
It’s about your own personal journey that you take when you get on your mat, connecting with your true self. The connection of body mind and spirit.

you can contact Ashley here


Phone: 0 7919 543907

You will find Ashley here every Tuesday  Night at 6pm and Saturday Morning 9.30am for…

After Work Yoga Class

A therapeutic mix of lightly invigorating sretch flow and floor based yin yoga stretches to support posture and realignment. This class will help you move into tightness and tension to release, make space and open up from a long day of work that often restrict the body’s natural need to move. Infused with mind,Body and Soul Hot Cloths and Ashley’s love for aromatherapy.

Rise and Shine Yoga

A perfect way to kick start your weekend, move out from the week and create good intentions for the rest to follow. Wake up and go with whole body stretches and relax and unwind with soothing and mindful postures too. The perfect weekend mix.

Infused with hot cloths and Raw Juice or Herbal Teas.


Jennie Scott

… Has been practising yoga for over 10 years and recently decided to make it her profession. Her knowledge spans across many areas in yoga and she has practiced many types of physical yoga within Hatha yoga, such as Iyenga and Vinyassa flow.

When people think about yoga a few stereotypes come to mind: flexibility, stretching & meditation. Most of which are true, but yoga is so much more diverse. It can improve muscle tone, strength, posture and breathing. It lowers stress, blood pressure, risk of injury and can help with weight loss. It also boosts your confidence and calms the mind.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not flexible or can’t touch your toes, Jen’s classes run on a “work towards” approach, inspiring individuals to set themselves personal goals, big or small.


Contact Jennie here:


phone: 07715 869956

You will find Jennie  here every Wednesday morning  at 10am for…


Gentle Morning Yoga

A gentle yoga class with a focus on restorative postures to aid healing and relaxation.

A perfect mid week class to break through tiredness and tension and re boost energy to help get through the rest of the week.

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