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As we move into the last days of the year I want to inspire you to recognise anything that feels unhealthy or out of balance in your life or your body. 

During this time I often start thinking more about what I need to do to feel healthier, to be the best version of myself and live the happiest life I can, in and amongst any struggles!  I believe there’s always something we can do to improve the way we feel and live and there’s always a beginning within every ending…

So here are my end of year Tips and updates to get you moving it out with good  Intentions—————————————————————

Take a life review, reflect a little on this past year. What has it given you? what has it taught you? What has been good? And use that energy as a bridge for more of that to come. Have you learned from experience? For many of us it’s a mix of joy, happy times, sadness, challenge, loss! Always the contrasts.

With a new Year just around the corner, you can make Intentions and create opportunities to re-balance, move into deeper self awareness and feel healthy. Sometimes, without asking for it, our days can become filled with unnecessary drama, stress or pain– Sometimes an area of your life—or perhaps more than one has gone completely off track and makes you feel worn down and like you just can’t move forward!! 

…If this is the case, instead of making small changes here and there, you may want to wipe the slate clean and simply create a fresh start! 

So take with you all the lessons and actively change anything that doesn’t make you feel happy, let go of anything or anyone that ways you down. 

Here are some ideas you may want to focus on or some ways in which your life may need a reboot:

  • Re-discover a part of yourself, take up an interest and make more time to enjoy the things and people you love. 

Improve your energy — Improve your diet! If you’ve been eating unhealthy foods, you’ve not moved enough or your holding discomfort in your body, you’ve gained weight and feeling sluggish start with your personal diet and the digestive system —It’s the key to your health, fad diets don’t work but a life diet will, if you don’t know where to start check out

and be guided on the path to living the life you dream of.The path to feeling healthy and unique for you!

  • You’ve been staying late at work for what seems like forever and are feeling burned out, getting run down and exhausted. Or you feel stuck in your job? If your not happy you can change it. Make a plan to find something new! 
  • Slow down—Your schedule is so packed with things you need to get done, that you feel stressed or anxious. yes prioritise but don’t push so hard that you are making yourself unwell, nothing is worth that and long term you will not be able to do all these things you rush around to do anyway as you will be too unwell. Try at least 10 minutes of meditation and complete stillness everyday, make a time you turn off all technology and just soak up the silence—it is very healing. 
  • Reconnect with or Let go of relationships— The relationship with your partner, friend or family member hasn’t been going well for a while…it’s time to look at the bigger picture and be brave— if it doesn’t nourish your soul—let go! 
  • You can read more about this in my blog post here 

Be honest with yourself about how you feel and what you need to let go of! You deserve to be happy and healthy. You deserve to free yourself from anything old,  toxic or harming.

For me this past year has moved F a s t, i feel like I’ve literally blinked and it’s nearly over! It’s taught me to be more fearless, to stand strong in my beliefs and focus on my purpose —And to never give up on what I truly believe in. As I’m moving closer to my forties I’m feeling even more grounded into the devotion I feel in supporting others and improving the quality of life for others. 

We are all on a path, a journey. look for the signs and take one step at a time.

And as always thank you all, for choosing to move into the path of healing, yoga, movement and stillness with me. For all those still practicing  before the Christmas break and returning for new year… We finish classes on the 20th December with a Calmer Christmas Flow,  moving out the past year with lots of soothing movements, body vibrations and body tapping, self head massage and our Restorative Heal Yin Yoga Class this week includes a mini sound bath relaxation to boost healing and deep rest.

I am already planning ideas for 2019 classes and will be back teaching on the 2nd January Andy there will be several Mini Retreats/ Workshops coming up, I will host the power of intentions for the end of January and I’m creating a Sacred Ritual and Meditation Workshop with a focus on healing from relationship and childhood trauma with cellular memory Sound Bath Vibrational Healing. Also some very beautiful pregnancy and post natal Retreats with a positive birth workshop and a Heart and Womb Healing Retreat…So look out for the updates on the mini retreat page.

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas time, a break and take some reflection, if your struggling R E S T  don’t give up. Whatever this year has given you, take it all and use it to move higher.

Love & Light ✨



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