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 It’s nearly the end of the year!! How’s this one been for you? How is your body feeling right now? Whatever you’ve moved through or wherever it’s taken you I hope you can look back and see the blessings and the lessons! And from it all, perhaps plan for some lifestyle changes, speak what you love, set intentions for living better! ? We all need that something. 

So embody the spirit of Christmas in your own way, to your own vibration… do it completely differently if you need to! because Christmas isn’t always a happy, peaceful or restful time for everyone.

It can be stressful, lonely, it can be manic, it can be beautiful and hard in different ways.

Wherever you are in life right now practice or maintain some mindfulness for keeping healthy over Christmas…

If your PARTYING, have fun, indulge in the good food and drink on offer ( I don’t believe in guilty pleasures just pleasure, just add some balance to the late nights, alcohol and treats. Have the green juice the next day, some extra sleep and take long walk to burn it all away! Or run, or take a swim! Do whatever you need to refresh. Clear out some toxins.

If your still WORKING over the christmas and not able to get into much of the festivities, start each day by doing something that makes you feel good, wake up with extra time so your not rushing out the door. Make time for a good breakfast. Light a candle, Move your body, especially if your stuck at a desk, driving or busy on the go, take regular movement breaks to stretch out. Release the pockets of tension that build up from the physical and mental stress of work overload with quick breath work sequences ( you can do this at your desk or driving in the car) Pack a delicious lunch ( because good food always helps) Send Christmas cards with a special message for those that your not able to see. When you can —Rest! Think about the end goal. Keep going. Be grateful.

If you’re ALONE, absolutely embrace it and carve some extra time for all the things that make you feel good, move into some self discovery. Enjoy your own company. Cook, read, journal create, move your body. Do what you love. Love yourself, if you can buy yourself something special. Get out in nature, for me this is one of the best things that brings connection and inner space, it feels so peaceful. There’s so much work to be done on self development.  I really believe by being alone you learn that you can make yourself happy first, you should make yourself happy, it’s not a job for anyone else! …anyone that comes after that should just add to that happiness! It’s so beautiful when we can cross paths with people who are really meant to be in our lives, and if you don’t have that pray for it! Not in some religious prayer but speak your longing, put yourself  in that vibration. 

if you TRAVEL over Christmas, plan ahead and scout out restaurants and cafes that appeal to you, get a fridge in your hotel room and stock up with healthy snacks! Move and stretch when your off the plane, out of the car or bus. Move and refresh your body. Do some yoga!

If you’re GRIEVING or moving through loss and pain— it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you lost a loved one, grief isn’t a linear thing and it seems that it never fully heals it just changes overtime. I always feel a little sadness during this time of year, knowing I will never see some loved ones, I won’t ever see my dad to share a Christmas meal or open something special from me. Acceptance comes but still christmas time can really bring the wave of grief back when your missing someone. Give yourself the time to feel, what’s surfaced is a healing, a process. If it’s still very raw It’s ok if you don’t feel like celebrating, you don’t have to commit to any expectations over Christmas. Ask yourself what is the most loving thing for me right now? And go do that. Make an alter, take time to sit in peace and remember that person, acknowledge and feel it…then after a time commit to doing something that lifts your vibration. Journal, talk to someone who can just listen, they don’t have to give any advice or comparisons from their own experiences. Just feeling heard is comforting. Life and death. Loosing someone to death does not happen to you for a reason, It is absolute bullocks if someone says everything happens for a reason, not this. No one dies for a reason, I believe that can happen in other circumstances but not in death. It’s just one of life’s cruel certainties. That’s why life is precious. This one body that we are given in this lifetime, so take all the self care you need. If anything the person you loved and lost would want you to live your best life. 

FEELING GREAT, keep meeting your needs and practice self care, it’s the fastest path to healing and maintaining a healthy body and mindset.

Acknowledging all of the happiness that exists and I’m so grateful for all of you who commit, follow my yoga practice or come along to the classes, its so much of what I have to be grateful for. It’s huge! Thank you!

Final class for 2019 will be Dec 19th, Cosy up for a energy blessing heat building practice! Back with all classes from January 2nd 2020

I will still be teaching all through Christmas at The Cornwall Hotel Spa, if you do fancy some yoga between Christmas and New Year come practice with me! Monday Evenings and Saturdays Mornings.

Wishing you a peaceful and healthy rest of the winter and blessings for Christmas

All the Love



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