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Turn away from what feels cold. Go toward what feels warm.


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Join my Home wellness Competition, for better health and inner connection. If you are already committed to a home yoga or wellbeing practice or would love to get started here’s a great way to feel inspired to create the space for healing. To make a start or continue your journey towards feeling healthy during the Covid Lockdown and you get the chance to Win a Yoga Bundle gift set with a YogiBare Prana acupressure Mat, Yoga Block and Yoga Strap to help you along the way!Read on to learn how…..As we adjust to a new way of living we still require connection and I believe now more than ever the world needs healing…
We have been forced to go inside, and stay there, for much longer than we might like or even feels possible. And yet, here we are in our homes more and more!
I believe that your home is your sanctuary. For me the need for it to feel like that is essential because it’s an escape from the outside world. But when you’re required to be inside for much of the day, that can change things a little!So, for me it’s about finding space at the end of the day and separating from the different parts of my life, the hardness of being at home, in this one space that is now your working, relaxing and socializing all in the same place. It’s finding some separation. An escape.

So I’d like to suggest the idea of a wellbeing mountain or a wellness space. something that can help keep the different parts of your life separate under one roof while also making space for you to actually relax, tune out (or tune in) when you need to. Not just thinking that relaxing in front of the TV is enough for your mind and body to get the repair and healing it actually needs! No I’m talking about the inner work, finding the need for more balance, harmony and relaxation and creating meaningful connection to it. Softening the layers and soothing the vibration of stress that move through our bodies nervous system!
To unlock the things you didn’t even know were still buried there, to even allow for release in the way of pain if that’s what your body has been holding. To use this time to transform the inner layers.

We accumulate so much and so often it gets pushed down as we move through the daily strain of societies exceptions. Rushing to get things done. Society speaks…conforming us to press through. Don’t feel. Swallow it down. Keep going. Even though it’s stressful, even though there’s resistance we still do it!! We take the pressure, and whilst we do, we can miss the real things! The more important things in life quickly pass us by and yet still we take the load.
But where is all that shit going? It manifests, it gets stuck, it accumulates and we carry on holding… just a lot more than we started out with. Often we feel it as physical pain, emotional stress and even chemical stress. I know one thing for sure, We are not designed to live like this!!

Create a space. that is just for tuning in. For connecting back and use some equipment and tools to give you that extra support. Like a mountain that holds you. So you can let go.
Things like folded or rolled up blankets, mats, cushions. Yoga blocks if you have them or some thick books to help prop yourself into a healing shape. To melt. To feel.
Somewhere to find peace.
To fold and surrender. It’s this grounding that we need. The stillness that life so often does not offer. Maybe it’s too painful for you but that’s what makes it even more essential, to actually feel is the journey into healing. Let it pour out!

The competition is an incentive to make a start and above all be inspired to move towards your inner self. whether it’s to stretch out tension, move in a way that feels healing to you or just breathe deep and be still.
This will be your mountain, your journey, sometimes it will feel hard but it’s through the hard things that we get to know what the light really feels like.
The support area can stay set up, almost as a calling to go in and just breathe through all the energy that accumulates itself in the body.
I really find it works, by having a place to go, even if it’s an area of your living room, the floor at the bottom of your bed. Anywhere you can find a space. Leave some support there and practice. Not just when you need it the most but practice everyday!

I can’t wait to see what your home practice spaces look like, remember it really doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It’s the commitment that is essential and it’s how it feels not how it looks. And it’s an opportunity to hold space for one another, to look and learn, get ideas and inspiration.

** Competition Rules **

Go check out the competition post with the YogiBare wellness bundle Prize on Instagram or Facebook and like the post live from Wednesday 6th May 2020.

The winner will receive YogiBare well-being bundle, Prana Mat, yoga block and beautiful Leaf print yoga strap to support your body and practice.

You must Follow on Instagram @yoga_tina account and like the competition.

-Practice your weekly virtual online yoga class with me or hop onto my online classes anytime see the schedule here

-Take a picture of what your home practice space looks like, add and share it to your Instagram stories tagging @yoga_tina to share with me.
*don’t forget to tag!

If your not on Instagram it will be directly sent through on my FB accounts too Mind, Body & Soul Yoga and Tina Pascoe Yoga a Lifestyle so just send in your pics there, like the fb page, tag someone in the post like above, and send me a pic of your home practice space and I will still share them on my Instagram stories.
The competition will run from Wednesday 6th May 2019 – Thursday 5th June 2020.

**Winner will be announced Friday 6th June 2020**

During this time you can enter as many times as you like, I would love to see your weekly mountain of support… even if it is just a mat and a blanket! just keep sending in your home practice space pics via your Instagram stories and tag or send in fb and I will share.

Commit to a practice and you’ll be amazed how different your body can feel.
Lets create an inspiration spiral.

See you on the mat

Love & Light


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