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My Yoga Story Tina Pascoe founder of Mind, Body and Soul Yoga has been practicing yoga since 2007. It was here that she found the love of yoga and started incorporating yoga into her everyday life…soon deepening her yoga practice and also taking her first steps towards teaching in 2011, holding BSY Teaching Diplomas in Yoga and Pre and Post Natal body care Yoga, she continues practical training from various teachers and different sources from around the world. Her classes offer a unique range of Yoga styles to suit everyone, at any time of life. With 9 weekly classes and 2-3 retreats a year there are many opportunities to join in and find something that your mind and body need the most. Tina's range of Yoga classes all offer a unique and traditional taste of ancient style yoga & meditations to truly restore, relax and build a stronger, healthier body and mind than ever before. From Dynamic Vinyasa yoga, Healing Restorative, back care yoga, detox yoga, yoga interval training and her specialist pre and post natal Yoga. Tina is an innovator, with a creative flare and loves creating different classes that leave you feeling inspired for more; she is known for her inspirational Vinyasa practice, she sprinkles Chaturanga and inverted poses into her classes, her teachings focus on integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing that link to the elements and seasons of life. Classes take place in the peaceful environment of the studio which emulates an authentic and relaxed feel but with Tina’s passion for the outdoors, she finds every opportunity to take classes outside for Beach Yoga in the summer or drop in yoga in the lush green parks in her local area. Tina’s Yoga Workshops focus on breaking challenging asana down into steps, making them accessible for all levels. Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health. Tina is always eager to introduce people to the bliss of practicing yoga and is passionate about improving the health of others. Tina provides a space to safely practice at an individual level… no beginners class needed, WE LISTEN TO OUR BODIES! Sending you Love and Light * Find daily inspiration from Tina; follow her personal yoga lifestyle account on Instagram as @yoga_Tina and https://m.facebook.com/Tinapascoeyoga where she shares her passion for Yoga, healthy living, soul food, raw juicing recipes and her journal quotes to get you through the week. For all Yoga class, workshops and retreat updates follow the Mind, Body & Soul Yoga Page to see what’s on  https://.facebook.com/YogaMindBodySoul  or    https://twitter.com/Tinapascoe