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Check out this page regularly for all “pop up Yoga” classes and mini retreats and see what is available in addition to our yoga schedule.

Join Tina and retreat for a day or evening. Her yoga workshop retreats will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle using yoga and healthy soul food, giving you the strength, creativity and freedom to be YOU…
Tina’s yoga workshops are designed for all levels, from beginners to advance- Open to all levels

*Please email Tina for interest, reservations and advance booking-Spaces are limited on Retreats.


Mama Earth Retreat-
Yoga Healing & Buddha Baby Massage

May 12th 2018


This beautiful and special mini retreat has been created for all you beautiful mamas with babies from birth to 12 months.

Recharge your Mama power, be completely nurtured, practice yoga, learn beautiful baby massage techniques, relax, heal and connect back to yourself and your baby.
As motherhood involves a lot giving, on this retreat you get to be looked after and feel nurtured. You will absorb precious mama goddess time to recharge, heal and step into your power of motherhood, heal, rest, connect back to your body.
You will be supported and be able to relax with soulful servings of nourishing organic-vegan- soul food goodness with a beautiful serving of lunch to and have quality time to enjoy yoga, and experience a deep connection with yourself, your baby and other women. You will get in touch with your new body, since being transformed by the experience of pregnancy, childbirth, feeding and parenting.
Tina truly believes that every mama deserves to immerse themselves in essential Post-Natal body care during this special and life changing time in a women’s life, this retreat is perfect for the journey into motherhood. Tina will celebrate this amazing journey with you, sharing all her mama earth rituals and birth recovery techniques, she will guide you through breath, movement, stillness and relaxation, We focus hugely on baby massage techniques, sound vibration and deep relaxation infused with mama head massage ritual and a beautiful vibrational sound bath meditation.
you will come away feeling empowered and firmly rooted into your female energy, taking with you the healing, peace and lifelong techniques about how to relax with your baby.
We ache the day with Mama Circle Birth Stories, organic, Mama and baby yoga, Baby Massage,Relaxation and Baby Sleep. We close with Organic Soul Food Lunch and Hokistic Baby Play.

*All Refreshments are provided for
*All food is organic and vegan so to avoid any wheat, gluten or dairy.
* Baby changing facilities available, spare nappies, wipes and organic creams available.
* Please bring with you a Towel for the baby massage and anything you will need for the day and for the baby massage  ( e.g Towel for the massage, Baby blanket, Spare change of clothes, nappies,bibs,feeds).


Positive Birth Workshop

for women and birth partners

April 6th 2018



I truly believe that education, preparation and the right support for women is the key to a good birthing experience.
I will be hosting this birth Workshop to support women and their birthing partners with much needed practical support and vital information to include; stages of labour and how best to cope with them, practical skills to support the birthing woman, working with pain and natural pain management techniques, labour and birth positions, labour and birth choices and ways to keep the birth scared and positive if it takes an unexpected turn.         I will also infuse a little information about the importance of birth recovery and healing with my tips on natural remedies to speed up healing and nourish the post partum body and mind.

I have birthed two children myself and have two very different birth stories and experiences… both these experiences I will never forget and have changed me forever. I share these Birth stories on the blog soon.

I know first hand the transformation that takes place when a woman becomes a mother, it is one of the greatest changes that can take place in a woman’s  life, I know how this experience can shape the rest of the journey into motherhood and I believe that there isn’t enough real and raw support out there for women or thier birth partners.
The shock that many woman experience as they venture into motherhood for the first time can have an enormous impact on their relationship with their partner, their family and the baby. So to move into this with a more positive and empowering birthing experience can make a huge difference into the journey of motherhood. Research shows that many woman say that what they experienced at their birth was ‘unexpected’, ‘traumatic’ and ‘not how they had planned’, which leaves them asking many questions and often feeling unresolved about their birth experience.
In today’s fast paced, modern age of highly interventionist birthing, many woman are feeling residual trauma, pain and emotional scaring from their birth experience. I often feel that the sacred element of birthing is too easily stolen from women when it does not have to be, even if you are opting for assisted birthing or this path unfolds you can still make it empowering and sacred.You can stay in control of your birthing. It is every women’s right.
This Workshop offers a birth de-briefing, and the opportunity for a greater understanding of what to do during labour and birth with many techniques to prevent fear or anxiety that can often overwhelm a woman and her birthing partner.

The journey from women to mother is one that touches us, emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. the experience is so powerful. Learn how to totally surrender and internalise into your birth, it is possible to have a positive birth no matter how it unfolds. It isn’t about placing any type of birth on a pedestal; that just creates room for competition – and birthing is not a competition! There are no winners and losers when it comes to birthing, from the natural vaginal births, assisted births to cesarean births it’s about the need to keep it sacred and release each other from the pressure to perform some sort of “perfect delivery” and focus on whatever path and birth decisions we take.

Above all it’s about being open to the journey that birthing can take in the most positive way and with the most meaningful support.



The Power of Intention Min Workshop Retreat

Friday January 26th 2018



Please see the Blog Page for this one

The Power of Intention



EMBRACE AYURVEDA Mini Ayurvedic Workshop Retreat (part one)

Friday 19th May 2017 –  S O L D   O U T

**PART 3 Ayurveda Wellness Kitchen Coming for Spring 2018**

These yoga Mini Retreats are focused on sculpting and replenishing your whole body, inside and out! You will explore and find out your unique body type through the ancient indian medicine of Ayurveda. A 5,000 year old system of natural healing offering you a new way to discover yourself for greater health and vitality.
Have you ever wondered why you react differently to environments, foods and situations than others? discover food as medicine, foods that heal you and the foods that harm you and what food, exercise and environments are best suited to your body.
Learn how to keep your unique body type healthy during the different seasons and rhythms of life..healing for Better sleep, stress relief, headaches, anxiety, energy, skin, allergy relief and digestion.
The evening also includes an invigorating and toning vinyasa flow yoga class, a therapeutic Yin yoga class and a deeply restful restorative Heal class. Be relaxed by self massage and healing Ayurvedic rituals before relaxation.
All infused with Ayurvedic inspired and organic soul food snacks and refreshments. All food is vegan, wheat, gluten and dairy free.
Learn how to better take care of yourself, heal, Be free and love the skin your in. You only get one body…live in it well.

Ayurveda Natural Beauty Bible-Part Two

Part Two…

Friday 3rd November 2017 S O L D  O U T
I L O V E what Mother Nature has in its store, the best solutions for all kinds of beauty and health related issues –All we need to do is tap into nature’s immense potential!

Here, I’ve created a combination Mini Retreat Workshop for all those wanting to enhance inner and outer beauty and ultimately promote spirit and wellness. In this Workshop Retreat you will discover your Ayurveda Skin and hair type and learn how to best look after and nourish it using a storehouse of Ayurveda herbal remedies, with recipes going back to ancient times.

Ive been making most of my own beauty products for a number of years now and I don’t like to use or promote big brands. I resonate so much with the uniqueness that Ayurveda brings, plus it’s all Vegan, cruelty free and SLS free, no nasties…just pure homemade,cost effective products that suit your exact skin and body type. The skin is the biggest organ in the body and what we put into it we absorb–From every day pollutants, toxins and products, your skin can tell you a lot about your health and your hair is the window to your bone health and central nervous system. So inner nourishment is also fundamental. I share with you how you can naturally enhance the beauty of your skin and hair using Ayurveda beauty remedies and diet, preventing and doing away with several common skin and hair concerns such as eczema, acne, spots, dark circles, thinning, dryness and ageing-and must have SOS Remedies. We actively explore ancient Ayurveda remedies and learn how to make your own Customised Skin and Beauty Care products for complete natural beauty your Skin, hair and health in general with L O V E , in the most natural way.

The evening also includes:

*Skin Glow smoothies on arrival to cleanse and nourish your internal body.

*A detailed self-test to determine your exact Ayurveda skin type.

*Customised skin care plans for each skin type and beauty remedies to take home.

*Proven-effective remedies for addressing the most troubling skin problems.

*Essential nutritional information for detoxifying the body.

*Facial Yoga Sequence to purify, tone and boost anti-ageing, plus an ancient Self Massage ritual–“Abyhanga” to soothe the nervous system.

*A guided meditation “beauty sleep” deep relaxation journey to rejuvenate from exhaustion and help maintain youthful skin.

*Ayurvedic Beauty Gift.

**Spaces are already limited for this special Retreat**




“Yoga outdoor Cleanse” Mini retreat in the Japanese Gardens at St.mawgan

** SOLD OUT **


••Back again for Spring 2018 10am-11.45am Forca Saturday practice••

Infused with Raw Green Juice Refreshment

pre-booking now available to reserve your space.

This pop up Yoga mini retreat will add a refreshing body cleanse for spring. You will practice a Refreshing yoga flow in the beautiful outdoor Japanese gardens surrounded by nature and the sounds of birds. With blissful relaxation underneath the sky and warmth of the sun to add extra healing.
You will be guided into breath, movement and stillness, practicing a light and opening vinyasa flow, focusing on wide open stretches to increase energy levels and breath meditation with guided relaxation to deeply relax and switch off the busy mind.
This mini retreat comes packed with Organic Raw Green juice and healthy vegan soul food snacks to enjoy in the beautiful Japanese gardens after the class. To end the retreat we enjoy a walking meditation around the gardens, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the healing beauty of nature.



“S U M M E R T I M E”

On the Beach…. for Summer 2017.
Beach yoga with Polkerris Beach Company.

Book Online here:

Summer Beach Yoga

And get a  “class pass” for all our regular paid yogis who normally attend on these days and would like to join.


Enjoy Yoga and “Pop Up massage” on the Beach…
We inspire you to reconnect to your body and practice yoga or relax with a reflexology and or indian head massage by the sound of the lapping ocean waves.

Invigorate and detoxify with breath, movement and relaxation by the ocean. Infused with relaxation meditation and various treats. Bring Your Own Mat!

£10 per yoga class 1 hour
Scheduled for:

Saturday morning practice  8.30am with Tina

*Bring You Own Yoga Mat!


Melt away tension, stress and discomfort in the body with a 15 minute Indian Head massage and or Reflexology treatment. The deep pressure touch sensation of holistic massage will be tailored to your individual body and pressure needs, rest underneath the sky listening to the sound of the ocean whilst you relax and breathe.

£12 for a 15 minute Beach reflexology massage)

location beach venue Polkerris Beach.

**Pop Up Beach Yoga Classes**

Sunset Yoga Classes and Full Moon Yoga Classes to enjoy 🌙

Make the most of the longer sunny days on a Polkerris Beach this summer.


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