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In addition to practicing your weekly classes, I offer regular Pop Up Yoga and Mini Retreats…Through the seasons I am inspired to create various Mini Retreats, to bring deeper healing and energy renewal, helping you to live better and feel better throughout the year.

These Yoga Retreats are so special, You can carve in some much needed time for yourself to escape and receive a little slice of bliss and deeper healing without it taking up an entire weekend or day, just a few hours of meaningful, quality healing to recharge and improve your health and well-being. These Mini retreats are available in your local area so you are able to take the extra healing and deeper rest you need right on your doorstep.

A perfect opportunity to deepen your practice, reconnect with your beautiful soul, and set your intentions…To be the best and healthiest version of yourself!

Each Mini Retreat is authentic and inspired by my love for natural lifestyle using yoga, Ayurveda and healthy soul food.
All workshops and Retreats are open to all levels, from beginners to advance.

*Please email for interest and for advance booking-Spaces are limited.



A Path to Healing

Vibrational Wellness —Winter Warmer Healing Mini Retreat

**S o l d  o u t ** next one available for January 2019

**Sunday December 2nd 2018**

4pm-6pm at Trethurgy Hall


Rest deeply in this magical Mini Sound bath and H e a l  restorative Yoga evening retreat. This is a combination of sound and healing winter therapies, where you will be guided on a journey through deep rest and renewal.

Step into winter this year with better health and wellness, strengthen your immune system, fight off those winter colds and flu viruses and store up some goodness with this Winter Wellness Mini Sound bath Retreat…

You will discover how you can stay well this winter as we dive in to explore winter soul remedies and Ayurveda herbal medicine, I share with you my little store house of healing potions and self love rituals that will warm you from within and melt away any winter illness or stagnation. 

Winter time is for slowing down, hibernation, turning in and 

R e s t o r a t i v e   Y o g a !  Breathe and let your whole body settle into various nurturing and deeply restful heal yoga postures. One of my favourite styles of yoga is restorative, and I really turn it up during the winter—it’s so healing! It’s what your body really needs through this season. Stillness. To stay well. 

Your going to melt deep into relaxation with some Yoga Nidra sleep and you will receive extra healing energy from beautiful soul master Reiki Healer and Refloxogist Adele who will be giving Reflexology with reiki healing and Indian head Massage during deep rest with the vibrational wellness mini Sound bath. 

As you rest your body will soak up and harmonise with sound therapy, not just heard by the ear but felt…you will feel the different vibrations in your whole body. These vibrations and certain tones effect brain waves that soothe and calm the nervous system, taking you deeper into a state of internal awareness and a higher state of meditation—These audio waves help release both mental and physical strains like every day stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, tension and illness. An amazing treatment for deeper healing and much needed peace, we all need.

Path to healing, no more winter blues. Stay here for a while and just be. Let yourself rest.


Let go. Grab your healing spot.



Yoga outdoor Cleanse- Mini Retreat in the Japanese Gardens at St.mawgan

** April 2019**

Saturday 10.30am-11.45am


••10am-11.45am Saturday practice••

Infused with Raw Green Juice Refreshment

pre-booking now available to reserve your space.

A beautiful way to move into Autumn and the winds of change to come. You will practice a Refreshing yoga flow in the beautiful outdoor Japanese gardens surrounded by nature and the sounds of birds. I’ve practiced yoga here in these gardens for many years now and it’s so blissful…relaxation underneath the sky and within the elements brings so much extra healing.
You will be guided into breath, movement and stillness, practicing a light and opening vinyasa flow, focusing on wide open stretches to increase energy levels and breath meditation with guided relaxation to deeply relax and switch off the busy mind.
This mini retreat comes packed with Organic Raw Green juice and healthy vegan soul food snacks to enjoy in the beautiful Japanese gardens after the class. To end the retreat you can enjoy a walking meditation around the gardens, stay for as long as you need for some extra rest… breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the healing beauty of nature.

It’s like the best medicine. Breathing, Moving, Green Juice and Nature instant recipe for vitality.


Yoga and Salt Water Beach Retreat

** Coming for Late Summer  2019💛**


Beautiful Caerhays Beach—Nr Gorren Cornwall

Nourish your soul, cleanse your mind and refresh your body with this deeply healing and nourishing Mini Beach Retreat.

Enjoy an invigorating yoga practice in the Soft sands and warm air that September brings. Immerse yourself in the deep blue ocean, to float, W i l d swimming and cleanse within the mystical salt water. Followed by a guided meditation and a deeply healing savasana with indian head massage massage by my Co Host beautiful soul and  Rieki Healer and Refloxogist Adele.

It’s all about the elements. Lay underneath the sky. Drop into the ocean. Feel the sand beneath your feet and the warmth of a fire—Absorb and rest as we join one another to hold space in sharing life stories, releasing and renewing around a warm fire pit.

I love how the elements bring healing and renewal, this Salt water Beach Retreat will rejuvenate your body and soul.

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