The only thing we know for sure is that things will always change

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As I look back to 7 years ago, as I move through change I see how my vision has became reality, in many ways. I’ve always used my mediation and elusive dreams to trust and take action on feelings and my deepest desires—and it blows my mind to see how it unfolds. Even through the challenges ( and there’s been many) l stayed motivated to make a change in the world, even when feeling weighed down by pain but also knowing that this gave me the fuel to fire it all up.
I started this journey with one thing in my heart, a vision to heal others. I’ve been driven by wanting to create what I wish existed and I feel like I’ve achieved so much already. But there’s always more I know I can give. I created spaces and practice for others to retreat, in a town where nothing much in the way of health and wellness or yoga really existed, there were very few yoga spots or places to retreat. I wanted to develop something meaningful and I have…Its opened my eyes to the beauty that’s been beyond my own pain.
Running a yoga Studio for the past 5 years has been beautiful and hard, of course there’s been times I’ve felt exhausted! pursuing goals isn’t always easy, but I guess that’s the point! If you want to achieve that dream bad enough you won’t give up! I’ve certainly been tested! On the days where all I wanted and needed was to rest but still had a burning desire to create wellness for others. For there to be a place somewhere for others to heal. Ive seen the magic in manifesting desires, connecting to so many wonderful people wanting to live a better life for themselves. Creating that and seeing yoga grow in the community has been amazing, helping others heal, slow down, release stress, reconnect with the present moment and their bodies and pursue their dreams✨it is what I set out to achieve and seeing many of my own students that are now yoga teachers themselves sharing the practice. That’s what its all about. Not being precious, not being afraid to share your dreams and visions with others. Inspiring others to live well.
It’s a hard industry sometimes, but it’s not truly yoga if it’s not community, It’s shown me a lot. I’ve met some truly beautiful souls.


For me there’s this fundamental longing inside to make the world a better place, for my practice to mean something, to help people heal and find peace—we all need it. There needs to be that something. A practice you really resonate with. This is was what happened for me over a decade ago, I found yoga, I practiced and practiced and it changed my life! And so I wanted to share something that had been a huge healing tool in my own life.
I opened a yoga studio out of love, a lot of hard work and a story of pain went into it all and I created a really unique practice…Because what we don’t have is enough people who want to really make a change in the world! Giving something unique, meaningful, healing. For me it’s not a business, it’s been fuled by a huge desire to make a better change for people. I am blessed to be able to share a sacred practice, to give. And yes of course I earn a living from it, in an organic way, working doing something I love💙  It’s a hard industry sometimes, I see some people wanting to teach and practice without knowing, with little intention to create change!! —Money doesn’t change lives community does! Greed is an ugly desire. There’s no peace in it, the more you want the more you will need.
I often think what is wrong with this world?? Why aren’t people opening their eyes to how we can all be of service? What’s the point of everything you share? What’s your purpose? Nothing or no one is ever perfect, and I’m certainly not trying to be. That’s what I’m driven by, raw, imperfect, real life. The highs the lows, the lessons. That’s what what I put into my practice and that’s what I think this world needs—heart!

So I continue my passion for community wellness, leaving the studio, After a 5 year lease there to move into a new location, still inspiring and healing in every class but in the most humble location nested in my heart. Simplicity. That’s what I need and that’s what I will share.
I really needed all of what has been to be able to move on. To be able to let go easily of something others would be so precious about…My own yoga studio, But that’s not where a practice comes from, a Studio. It comes from the heart of a teacher and I’ve dared to turn dreams into reality,pain into wisdom, to Grow. Learn. Evolve, to Share. For everything I ever thought didn’t work out I see know it actually did, I think it’s because there’s always been that loving intent behind it.
Only love becomes part of who you are if you can share it so openly. And that’s when it can truly heal.
With time you will always see why things rolled out the way they did. So stop protecting your heart. Let it break open and the most beautiful things will come.


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