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Freedom Jewels is more than an online shop, it’s a mood-shifting. Confidence-boosting, love-spreading brand.

I design and make everything myself— Artisan jewellery and ethical hand knitted garments.
I am also launching creative meditation inspiration kits, for you to get started on some creativity of your own with Creative Healing DIY Kits. 

have always had a love and flare for art, design, colours, fibre and creating!
Creativity is meditation and probably why I love it so much!  As a yoga teacher I am always dreaming up creative vinyasa sequences and embodiment practices and workshop mini retreats, I guess my LOVE  for art shows through all my work, flowing movements and guided relaxations that melt away the stress of everyday living. 

I am drawn to spiritual jewels, beautiful yarns and Bohemian Decor that has meaning and healing power. I love creating spaces within the home and my yoga classes that feel like a sanctuary and it brings a very nurturing and healing vibration.
I have fallen in love with creativity and using materials sourced from nature, it’s amazing what the natural world creates and what beauty lays in the earth. 

I have actually been making all sorts of things since I was a child, my mum owned a wool shop when I was very young and still does and I was forever making wool garments and wall art from punch needle.  My dad was skilled in carving and turning wood, refurbishing antique furniture, making trinket boxes to walking sticks! So I grew up around lots of creativity and have dabbled in many creative projects, from knitting, silk painting to punch needle. I was drawn to the peace of creativity.

With my love for wellness I believe that what you put into or onto your body and in your home is sacred and so the process of how it’s made is a ritual…Freedom Jewels is Soul Essentials vibe and I put a ton of creativity and love into every piece I make so the energy transfers directly to you —the wearer and keeper.

You will find a selection of stacking bracelets, hand woven bracelets and wild Mala necklaces, Macrame Wall Hangings and slow fashion hand knitted garments.
Self healing Rituals, Essential oil kits, jade facial rollers, healing herbal sitz baths, Palo Santo Wood and White Sage are also available.

For Mind, Body and Soul.


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