Mini Retreats and Workshops

In addition to practicing your weekly classes, I offer Pop Up Yoga and creative Mini Retreats…Through the seasons I am inspired to create various Mini Retreats, to bring deeper healing and energy renewal, helping you to live better and feel better throughout the year. For you to put a date in your calendar and look forward to it each week that goes by!

These Yoga Retreats are so special, You can carve in some much needed time for yourself to escape and receive a little slice of bliss and deeper healing without it taking up an entire weekend or day, just a few hours of meaningful, quality healing to recharge and improve your health and well-being. These Mini retreats are available in your local area so you are able to take the extra healing and deeper rest you need right on your doorstep.

A perfect opportunity to deepen your practice, reconnect with your beautiful soul, and set your intentions…To be the best and healthiest version of yourself!

Each Mini Retreat is authentic and inspired by my love for natural lifestyle using Yoga, Embodiment Practice, Meditation, Breath work, Music as Medicine, Ayurveda, Creative Healing with Art and Soul Food.

All workshops and Mini Retreats are open to all levels, from beginners to advance.

*Please email for interest and for advance booking-Spaces are limited*


What’s On…

A Path to Healing

Sound Bath + Yoga Nidra

Vibrational Wellness —Sound frequency Healing Session


Coming for Winter 2024

At Woodys Farm -higher Lampetho Farm between par and Fowey

At leat two more of these sessions will be hosted for the colder winter months of January and February. Dates for these sessions will be shared soon.

These sessions will help you through winter, to rest and regulate the nervous system and support the immune system for a stronger healthy body and mind.

Rest deeply within a vibrational Sound healing experience and non sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), to be taken on a journey of the deepest rest with Yoga Nidra Sleep sound vibration experience.

 This magical Sound bath is infused with a combination of Yoga Nidra and Vibrational Sound  healing, where you will be guided on a journey through testing the body deep. 

Allow your body and mind to absorb a deeper rest with Yoga Nidra and Sound frequency therapy and a Physically, emotionally and energetically healing experience to balance the bodies Ki energy channels. As you lay nestled in blankets you will be guided into a relaxation posture so your body will be completely supported and able to realign and open, allowing you to absorb the healing sounds and deep rest, for the body to begin its release of any tension and heal.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique that has been practiced for thousands of years and I first found it in my need of healing from birth trauma and debilitating sleep deprivation.

Yoga Nidra literally means “yogic sleep”: it puts the mind at rest so the body repairs, while simultaneously relaxing every cell in your body. It will send you into a state somewhere between awakening and dreaming and is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra sleep is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.

I have come to learn it is one of the one of the simplest and most accessible techniques in the yoga toolkit, Yoga Nidra is like a magical sip of nourishment to today’s busy lifestyle.

As you rest your body you will soak up and harmonise with sound therapy, not just heard by the ear but felt…you will feel the different vibrations in your whole body. These vibrations and certain tones effect brain waves that soothe and calm the nervous system, taking you deeper into a state of internal awareness and a higher state of meditation—These audio waves help release both mental and physical strains like every day stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, tension and illness. An amazing treatment for deeper healing and much needed peace, we all need.

A path to healing and a perfect way to harness stillness. You will feel well rested and restored.
Stay here for a while and just be. reconnect and let yourself rest.

There is so much power in stillness ✨

Grab your healing Spot.

Yoga + Embodiment Workshop Retreat


Sunday 15th September 2024


At Woodys Farm -higher Lampetho Farm between par and Fowey

This 3 hour workshop retreat is focused around Yoga and healing Embodiment practices, with uplifting music and Ritual to help you journey through your body and come back to yourself.

The healing practices empower you to regulate the nervous system and allow your body to release stored up stress. You’ll feel amazingly soothes after the practice! It also brings in more pause and connection and is the simplest and easiest way you can honour yourself and enhance your well-being.

These workshops feel like a retreat from the pressures of life and are fuelled full of embodiment practices, beautiful music playlist and tools for self healing ritual. Practices for you to feel deeply rested and invigorated AND to learn and use yoga as a tool and as a powerful way to regulate and soothe the nervous system. These practices help you release stress and stored trauma out of the body ( on a cellular level). 

Join me in this Yoga Embodiment Master Class—The retreat is infused with calming yoga sequences, intuitive DANCE and body shaking movements that bring focus on the sacred feminine and masculine energy portals,  allowing you an opportunity to be present, creating a sacred space for renewal and balance.

This is a practice that will get reconnected with your breath and body. Experience and explore movement and Embodiment practices as medicine for your body and mind.

In this workshop Retreat you will also receive an Embodiment Gift Bag of healing rituals and tools.

Learn how to create a healing lifestyle with daily movement practices, understanding of nervous system regulation and release, freestyle intuitive dance, meditation, sound bowl music for relaxation medicine—
With these are self care rituals that you can easily weave it into a busy schedule—Leaving you feeling more vibrant and healthy and using self sooth techniques and a practice that can keep you grounded and self empowered for a body that rarely gets sick.

After many years spent exploring my own personal practices, having moved through times of illness, grief, overwhelm, anxiety and stress, I realise that although it is a part of life and much of the experience of it is about feeling but also about creating a much-needed rhythm of embodiment to get through it. My movement, daily ritual and self-care that brings in peace and balance. I can not put into words how healing and transformative yoga, intuitive movement, music and daily self care rituals have been for my body and a better lifestyle. 

I want to share with you these yoga tools that got me through illness and exhaustion, physically, emotionally and energetically. The practices gave me the ability to understand how I hold the power to release stored stress and trauma and how to return to an essence that is lighter, Soft and blissful. 

In this retreat you will learn how to soften, slow down, heal and reconnect back to yourself with Yoga Embodiment practices — it is what we are all craving in this overstimulated world!  The perfect release from stress, physical and emotional stress, anxiety, discomfort and pain in the body, When you practice embodiment you start the path to healing and live a better healthier life.

Some of the areas covered in this Workshop Retreat are: The importance of daily release through yoga, intuitive movement and breath work. The Cellular body and movement as vibration activation. 

*EFT ( Emotional a freedom Technique) for health and healing of body and mind, tapping techniques that bring balance to internal energy channels, regulate, release blockages and support emotions.

*Developing a meditation practice with Embodiment and understanding the nervous system. 

*Daily journaling, affirmations and setting intentions.

* Music and sound vibrational healing journey guided relaxation.

Time to unwind a little deeper—  Giving yourself this gift of embodiment practice and intention to change up your habits, bring a state of flow into your life to improve your quality of life.


Creative Healing Retreats

These will pop up on here from time to time.
check in by sending me a message and I can update you on these Yoga and Yarn Workshops.

All materials and yarns are included and to take home ( yarn brand will be announced soon) plus a refreshing high Tea is provided.

For seasonal focuses, we connect with  transition—the end of summer light (Yang energy) and the welcome of the Autumn Winter Yin energies or vide versa. A taste of each essence in body, creativity and home.

These workshops are filled with beautiful practices, of Surya Namaskara and Chandra Namaskara (Sun and Moon Salutations) Breath connection and a beautiful CREATIVE meditation with fiber art, creating a hand knitted wall hanging for your home, using various knit techniques and raw organic materials.

As we enter these beautiful times of transition from summer to Autumn Winter energy, we seal it with the warmth and divine embodiment of CREATIVITY.
I welcome you to experience Yoga practice, meditation, creativity and productivity and step into this vibrance, this healing and freedom.

Knit classes are  infused with so much vitality and is a healing pathway of personal medicine that is deep within ourselves. Creative magic.
After years of exploring a myriad of yoga and art practices, this is a combined experience of both yoga and fibre art as meditation and creative healing.


The day

• Arrival + Welcome 

 • Drinks /smoothie on arrival. 

•Opening circle of Guided Meditation + warming meditation Pranayama breath work practices. 

• Movements of Sun and Moo. Salutation sequence to weave in the Sun and Moon to cleanse, clear and warm the body. 

• Beautiful Workshop practices in the Art of Meditative Knitting, learning and expanding on creativity and productivity to make a the class focus. We have had Hand Knitted Wall Hangings, knitting squares, scarfs and intuitive knitting for clothing. With the use of ethical organic Yarn, natural bamboo needles, drift wood and rod doweling. You will be guided into making your very creative knitted pieces.

• Tea, energy balls, fruits and a selection of cakes are also included. 

If you are a total beginner to Yoga and / or Knitting or already advanced you are WELCOME and you will LOVE this experience. It is a Ritual and open to all. 

Start as a beginner, learn new techniques, or build on existing skills in yoga practices and mediative knitting. 

Affirmation Cards, guided relaxing mantra Meditation practices will bring a beautiful sacred feel to you as you embody the art of knitting, being creative and present. 

You can take your projects and yarn home, receive support to continue if needed and enjoy more Creativity, Knitting, embracing something new and melting into expressive creative healing in your new found ritual. 

Creativity is Meditation. Medicine for the soul. 

You will be guided all the way through opportunities to be creative, expressive and just very free to be.

I feel strongly about the healing power that is in creativity and when this expression flows how it can bring people together in community to connect more deeply and heal.
my love for  creating yoga sequences, healing experiences, bringing in freedom for people and wellness for others and my love for art and freedom jewels continues to grow…

It is Medicine for Mind Body Soul


I see the deeper benefits of bringing yourself into the presence of movement, rest and creativity and I want to share this in a more wholistic and personal way. These offerings are a product of my continued curiosity and love for yoga, presence and creativity.
I relate to having lost connection to the things I love doing after years of focusing on work, motherhood, family through times of struggle and sickness, self employment business and if like me you desire to relight a spark, then these mini retreats will do just that and help you reconnect to parts of your ownself again.


I call it Soul Essentials.




P O P   U P   C l a s s e s —Yoga outdoors

Spring & Summer Cleanse Classes

I am always open to extra Classes and pop up sessions through the warmer weather during summer when weather and extra time allow. They will be available spontaneously, so look out for regular updates on these.

These classes will take place in  various outdoor spaces, the Japanese Gardens at St.mawgan, local beaches and woodlands. 

** from late April through to end of August **


•• 90- 120 minute practices ••

Infused with raw juice and snacks.

A beautiful way to move into warmer weather ….I love to practice yoga outside in nature!

I will guide you through a refreshing yoga flow in the beautiful outdoors, surrounded by nature and the sounds of birds. Movement in nature is so blissful…relaxation underneath the sky and within the elements brings so much extra healing.
You will be guided into breath, movement and stillness, practicing a light and opening vinyasa flow, focusing on wide open stretches to increase energy levels and breath meditation with guided relaxation to deeply relax and switch off the busy mind —breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the healing beauty of nature.

It’s like the best medicine. Breathing, Moving, Green Juice and Nature instant recipe for vitality.


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