Restore, relax and build a stronger, healthier body and mind than ever before.

Yoga with Tina

Tina’s range of Yoga classes all offer a unique and traditional taste of ancient style yoga & meditations to truly restore, relax and build a stronger, healthier body and mind than ever before. From Dynamic Vinyasa yoga, Healing Restorative, back care yoga, Yin Yoga, detox yoga, yoga interval training and her specialist pre and post natal Yoga.

Tina is an innovator, with a creative flare and loves creating different classes that leave you feeling inspired for more; she is known for her inspirational Vinyasa practice, she sprinkles Chaturanga and inverted poses into her Vinyasa classes and her teachings focus on integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses moulded into creative sequencing.

There is an authentic feel to every space that Tina creates in all her classes, using sound vibration, candles and incense to uplift and relax the atmosphere. Tina is strongly connected to the elements and each to practice outdoors, she finds every opportunity to take classes outside for Beach Yoga in the summer, pop up yoga and half day retreats in the beautiful Japanese Gardens in St.Mawgan.

Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health. Tina is always eager to introduce people to the bliss of practicing yoga and is passionate about improving the health of others. Tina provides a space to safely practice at an individual level… no beginners class needed, WE LISTEN TO OUR BODIES!

Tina teaches weekly evening classes and pop UP Yoga during the daytime, where you can join her in these specialist classes, all listed below. Please see the class Schedule page for all these class times and prices.


A strong and healthy back is essential to your well-being and vitality… yet often our sedentary lives, poor postures and modern day living can greatly weaken our backs and leave us in constant back pain. This class takes a special focus on healing, nurturing and developing a stronger, healthier back; reuniting you with the freedom of being pain free and healthy. Postures are supported fully with props, chairs , bricks and bolsters making this class totally achievable even for the most debilitated of backs. We flow through various postures (asanas) like arching, stretching, lengthening and twisting to move the whole spine, as our bodies were intended… movement is the key to a healthy back and you are only as young as your spine is flexible.


If you are in need of slowing down the mind, without the pressure of the outside world crashing in, but also want to tone and sculpt your body, then you have found the perfect remedy.
Vinyasa Flow Style yoga emphasises on linking movement with breath and will work the whole body and mind for a complete holistic body work out and body cleanse. The flowing dynamic body postures (Asana) and traditional Hatha style sun and moon salutation warm ups stretch and compress the muscles to give greater flexibility and suppleness to the body, improve skin complexion and tones and trims the waist line. Free the mind of tension and thoughts with various guided relaxations and meditations to end the class.


Heal yoga class is a restorative yoga practice, designed for “Recovery and Rejuvenation”. The flowing and gentle (Asanas) are perfect for those recovering from illness (including cancer patients), injury or experiencing the effects of stress in daily life. This class is a relief from life’s stressful events such as marriage, divorce, insomnia or lack of sleep, childbirth, getting a new job or experiencing a death or loss of a loved one (grief) or simply for much needed deep relaxation practice during the mid-week, particularly good for those who work shift patterns. The focus of this class is stillness, relaxation and breath, with all the Postures supported with bolster cushions and props. We hold the postures for a lot longer than a typical yoga class with the bolster doing all the work for you, YOU just have to let go!  This is the ultimate antidote for releasing tension and stress from the body and mind. Infused with healing pressure touch techniques, hot ston therapy and hot body cloths included during the flow.

Learn how to deeply relax the mind and switch off from your busy life through guided visualisation skills. With Heal yoga you can allow your mind, body and soul to truly rejuvenate for complete Health & Longevity. A perfect “before bedtime” routine for a restful sleep.


A wonderful style of yoga that promotes increased flexibility -Fast!

Yin Yoga is a challenging but very therapeutic style of yoga that works on rehabilitation of the joints and muscles, with deep stretching techniques to get to deeper layers of the muscle fibres and joints. Making this class a great option and accompaniment for any one who regularly takes up any sport, running or weight lifting. Or for anyone wanting a more supple, flexible and moveable body.

Its main focus is on opening and stretching the lower body, working to clear out the energy channels in the back of the legs and includes stretches to strengthen the lower back muscles.

If you are looking for more flexibility this is the class for you… The deep stretching is completely supported with the use of bolster cushions and straps whilst breathing and resting to hold the postures for a lot longer.

This class is also infused with guided  relaxation meditations, healing deep pressure body touch and hot Stones in the winter and body cleansing cloths.


Feel awake & energised with a flowing light Vinyasa yoga morning sequence. We stretch the whole body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and life breathed into them after a night of sleep.
The class is designed to incorporate postures and stretches that twist the body and wring out the internal organs to release the body of deep toxins. This class is focused on complete detoxification of the body and mind. We practice lots of twist postures (Asana) and inversion postures that massage internal organs, ridding the body of impurities, whilst combining a focus on breath work to gently massage internal organs…releasing yet more toxins. The lymphatic system, eliminatory system, circulatory system and digestive system get worked at the same time to boost the body’s natural ability to detox.
… The session ends with refreshing hot body cloths infused with detox essential oils of geranium and grapefruit to refresh and invigorate the body and we finish with fresh organic  raw juice to complete the inner cleanse.


… Coming Soon!

Tina’s Interval Yoga work out is a high intensity, powerful and dynamic style of yoga, designed for complete weight loss, fat burning and ultra-toning, as well as improving cardio vascular capacity, flexibility and strength. We keep the core strength to the max and trim the tummy with sequences that are based on scientific research that suggest using interval training at high intensity moves that are intertwined with lower intensity intervals burn more body fat; Making this class 4 times as effective in fat burning as just one steady pace through an entire routine. This class is infused and mixed with plyometric training and yoga tradition, as we stay balanced and focused with Prayer Mudra and natural isotonic hydrating coconut or H2O Water. This is the class for you if you want to change your body shape, your mindset, look and feel better than ever. Please bring a towel!


-with guided Meditation/relaxation £50 pp for 90minutes. Out of season £70


Small family/friends max of 4 people group £150

Completely unwind and let your mind clear of all worries and thoughts by learning more about Yoga and Meditation on a personal level. Feel the benefits of higher energy levels and explore how using Yoga can tone the body, promote longevity, regenerate brain cells and improve concentration. These private yoga classes will be designed for your individual body and mind needs. A private consultation will be included before the classes are planned.


Join Tina in her specialist pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing classes, she understands pregnancy brings about a profound shift in a women’s mind, body and spiritual energy and Tina will give you the support needed during this unique and personal life changing journey. With pregnancy Yoga, you will receive vital pre-natal body care and practice wonderful, safe and gentle yoga postures, feeling additionally nurtured with an ancient Indian head massage during relaxation.

Tina will focus on teaching flowing, gentle yoga postures (asanas) that aim to stretch out and create more space in the body, as well as promoting the pelvic floor muscles to become strong, supple and flexible for birthing. We work with gravity, sound vibration and breathing techniques to ease your body and your baby in to a lighter and less painful birth experience. Later in the flow a “practice contractions” aims to guide and teach you how to use your body and mind effectively during labour contractions and the 2nd stage of birth, as you learn optimal birthing positions, rebozo and sifting techniques and be guided with visualization skills that many women have reported have all got them through the hardest part of labour. Finally a deep relaxation and visualization journey in savasana will fully relax the body and mind.

These techniques will support the mind and body through pregnancy, childbirth, as well as promoting a healthy recovery after birthing. Tina provides information on pregnancy and the growing baby in Utero, with helpful leaflets on how to relax and prepare your mind and body for birthing in the most natural way possible by using these ancient techniques that have supported so many women for thousands of years.

Yoga provides many benefits during pregnancy and can help:

Alleviate heartburn, tiredness and backache
Boost circulation and help with fluid retention
Aid restful sleep
Strengthen your muscles and supple the hips and pelvis to support your growing baby
By using these yoga techniques during labour it can help:

Reduce medical intervention
induce natural pain relieving hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins
Naturally relieve the intensity of contractions and labour
Adapt to various different positions when in labour
Feel more in control and trust your body, listen to your instincts to know what to do
Bearing another soul into this world is a deeply spiritual experience; Yoga helps you to connect with your own soul and to your unborn baby, developing their health and well-being from the very start of life. N.B Practice may only commence after the first trimester of pregnancy (12 weeks).

Mother and Baby Yoga with Baby Massage

Tina’s mother and baby Yoga mini retreat allow women to immerse themselves in an essential Post-Natal body care and birth recovery program. Women get in touch with their new bodies; since they have been transformed by the experience of pregnancy, childbirth, feeding and parenting.

Tina will re-acquaint you with being physical, learning how to strengthen and tone your delicate body and strengthen it again, working the pelvic floor area. Through yoga, Tina encourages you to feel new muscles, as much as your forgotten ones. It’s not only your body that you are getting in touch with but the baby yoga and baby body touch massage will also allow you to connect with your baby through positive, calming and soothing touch, as you learn lifelong techniques about how to relax together, as well as:

Help your baby adapt to their environment
Promote relaxation and improve quality sleep for you both
Help your baby cope with stressful situations by regulating cortisol levels
Reduce your baby’s discomfort of colic, wind and constipation
Strengthen your baby’s immune system
Help your baby develop co-ordination, balance and motor skills
Give your baby Vital Body Touch for healthy brain development
Sharing birthing stories and motherhood is a big part of Tina’s sessions. Telling your birth story, feeling heard and listening to other experiences can have a positively powerful effect upon emotional well-being. Since it is now acknowledged by natural birth workers, traditional midwives and Doulas that mothers and her birth partners can experience post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and sleep deprivation from their birthing experience and early parenthood. Not just when things go wrong or from emergency procedures, but also from feeling unheard, unsupported or afraid. Tina holds a BA Honors Degree in Childhood Studies and with 13 years’ experience previously having worked with babies and young children she infuses the class with information about the exciting development of your growing baby to support you further in your journey of family life and the demands early parenthood can bring.

Attachment parenting methods (continuum concept) and mindful parenting support and advice is at hand to re-affirm your natural intuition and instinct to parenting, providing you with reassurance and new found confidence.

N.B Practice may only commence 4-6 weeks after giving birth or with permission from your doctor. The Mother and baby Yoga sessions are designed for babies from birth to 1 year. Twin babies are fully supported with great techniques on movement and massage for twins.

Group classes are run over a 5 week programme to cover a range of yoga movements and baby body massage. Mothers and babies are welcome to practice beyond the 6 weeks (on personal request) in order to reap even more benefits that Yoga can bring for full body and mind recovery after birth.

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