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My main scheduled weekly yoga classes are located at the beautiful Cornwall Hotel

My EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) body tapping therapy can be offered in person or via online for 1-2-1 healing sessions.

I have moved away from my 5 year Yoga Studio ownership myself and now able to work more as a freelance Yoga Teacher, so in addition to my weekly classes I host regular workshops and Mini retreats in Cornwall.


My classes embody the traditional practice of yoga and I also incorporate additional workshop practices within my offerings and teachings — There is a focus on intuitive Movement, body vibration Tapping, tribal movement body shaking therapy, sound and frequency healing, traditional yogic breath work and guided meditation and tapping EFT (Emotional Freedon Technique) to bring in additional healing for the body, nervous system release and regulation.

I teach Vinyasa, Yin and restorative yoga styles, for all bodies, all ages and levels of experience— these different styles of yoga practice will suit your body’s varying and ever changing needs. If you need to relax more, receive deeper healing, strengthen, become more flexible, prepare for a birth, heal from depression, recover from illness or injury than you can choose a class to suit what your body needs most. This is the beauty of the practice, making it completely personal to what’s moving through you right now…so even when you feel you may not be able to practice you absolutely can.

Rest, move and sculpt your body- whatever you need, My classes will help you feel healthy and connect you back to yourself and to what you need…intuitively tune into your body and find peace.
The different styles offer a unique healing that may suit your mind and body at different times in your life’s journey.

I hold BA Honours Degree in Teaching and Learning, British School of Yoga Teaching Diplomas in Yoga and Pre and Post Natal body care Yoga training, EFT and TFT Tapping accredited Practitioner Certification and I continue my self studies in primal movement, nervous system healing and trauma healing.

My personal self study and practice continually grow and I’m excited to share everything I learn and know.

**Please see the class Schedule page for all these class times and prices.**

Healing Hour Classes

Healing Practices that help you Break through stress and deep rooted tension and trauma, an amazing practice for nervous system healing and release  — Everything is energy and energy wants to flow and move.

Our emotions are energy and when we suppress them they get stuck, they make us sick and block the Chi,  life force energy within the body. With healing organic movements and self vibration techniques we open the energy portals in the body, move out the old emotions and move into sensation, into release and allow healing to come in.

I wanted to share practices that I’ve used for many years now that have supported my own healing and path to living in the healthiest way possible, to free emotional pain when it comes and release old emotions and patterns from childhood and past relationships. Life does a lot to our nervous system.

I share with you very special life alignment therapies for the support and healing of stress and trauma. I guide you into intuitive healing movements within the class, body vibration movement and powerful connection to the divine feminine and masculine energies.

The body tapping is a technique I have been practicing since 2007 with my first teacher who learnt and shared these techniques from IIchi Lee, who explores body tapping practices as a way to create vibrational release in the body— Shakinh excercises. I also qualified in EFT ( emotional freedom technique) which is another vibrational healing technique that works by stimulating the body by tapping certain points to release the trapped energy.

These shaking exercises, deep stretch yoga, breath work, stillness and sound therapy practices that I work with brings in a healing and really helps you regulate your nervous system.

This practice is for anyone who experiences stress—  daily stress and tension, life pressures and daily work and family demands to deeper trauma, prolonged chronic stress and injury that hasn’t been healed or released. Trauma is a physical injury and these therapies and movement techniques are healing for your body and mind.
Even chronic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be healed with embodiment practice and self love. This practice inspires you to connect with yourself.

Our bodies are wise beyond belief, with the capacity to heal… but to heal and live a life in balance in this busy, fast paced world is hard! Life stress, chaos and bad days—we all experience this. Every day stress is everywhere! In workplace tension, environmental toxins, old injuries, toxic relationships, sleep issues, back pain and digestive issue… to much deeper traumas like relationship and childhood trauma, a traumatic or negative birth experience and chronic health conditions. Maybe it’s in your job, your work, or your just holding it all together balancing a family! We all hold onto that vibration of stress in some way and it can stay in specific parts of the body and nervous system! This is prolonged stress, that our bodies are just not designed for!

Culturally we have learned to suppress and indure this prolonged stress, and it continues to manifest itself into ailments and illness.

Its time to commit to your own healing from the effects of all the stress and hurt your body has been through. The deep cellular memory that is in need of healing and you can learn how to undo the pain, empty yourself of tension and the stories that keep you stuck. We can dissolve unhelpful cellular memory and stress with these beautiful life alignment therapies.
When we move through pain, loss, stress or trauma the body and nervous system start to shut down parts of itself, this stress gets stored on a deeper level, we can hold onto that tension for years, for some people a lifetime! And creates tension, chronic body pain, and even illness or disease… We have to do the inner healing. The physical work to undo the hurt we’ve been through! Cut the cords and renew, we all need it.

Strengthen the mind and body discord.

My hope is for these practices to empower you with knowledge and techniques to heal and change your life for the better.


If you are in need of slowing down the mind, without the pressure of the outside world crashing in, but also want to tone and sculpt your body, then you have found the perfect remedy.
Vinyasa Flow Style yoga incorporates the divine femininity and masculinity energies to come into balance and flow. It was the first style of yoga I fell in love with, because of my love for dancing it feels very fluid witch I love! It emphasises on linking movement with breath and will work the whole body and mind for a complete holistic body work out and body cleanse. The flowing dynamic body postures (Asana) and traditional Hatha style sun and moon salutation warm ups stretch and compress the muscles to give greater flexibility and suppleness to the body, improve skin complexion and tones and trims the waist line. Free the mind of tension and thoughts with various guided relaxations and meditations to end the class.


Heal yoga class is a restorative yoga practice, designed for “Recovery and Rejuvenation”. This practice was my medicine during a time when my life was really stressful— The flowing and gentle (Asanas) are perfect for anyone recovering from illness (including cancer patients), injury or experiencing the effects of stress in daily life. This class is a relief from life’s stressful events such as marriage, divorce, insomnia or lack of sleep, childbirth, getting a new job or experiencing a death or loss of a loved one (grief) or simply for much needed deep relaxation practice during the mid-week, particularly good for those who work shift patterns. The focus of this class is stillness, relaxation and breath, with all the Postures supported with bolster cushions and props. We hold the postures for a lot longer than a typical yoga class with the bolster doing all the work for you, YOU just have to let go!  This is the ultimate antidote for releasing tension and stress from the body and mind. Infused with healing self – pressure touch techniques.

Learn how to deeply relax the mind and switch off from your busy life through guided visualisation skills. With Heal yoga you can allow your mind, body and soul to truly rejuvenate for complete Health & Longevity. A perfect “before bedtime” routine for a restful sleep.


A wonderful style of yoga that promotes increased flexibility -Fast!

Yin Yoga is a challenging but very therapeutic style of yoga that works on rehabilitation of the joints and muscles, with deep stretching techniques to get to deeper layers of the muscle fibres and joints. Making this class a great option and accompaniment for any one who regularly takes up any sport, running or weight lifting. Or for anyone wanting a more supple, flexible and moveable body.

Its main focus is on opening and stretching the lower body, working to clear out the energy channels in the back of the legs and includes stretches to strengthen the lower back muscles.

If you are looking for more flexibility this is the class for you… The deep stretching is completely supported with the use of bolster cushions and straps whilst breathing and resting to hold the postures for a lot longer.

This class is also infused with guided  relaxation meditations, healing deep pressure body touch and hot Stones in the winter and body cleansing cloths.



Feel awake & energised with a flowing light Vinyasa yoga morning sequence. We stretch the whole body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and life breathed into them after a night of sleep.
The class is designed to incorporate postures and stretches that twist and open the body and wring out the internal organs to release the body of deep toxins. This class is focused on complete detoxification of the body and mind. We practice twist postures (Asana)  inversion postures that massage internal organs, ridding the body of impurities and spinal openers for realignment, whilst combining a focus on breath work to gently massage internal organs. The lymphatic system, eliminatory system, circulatory system and digestive system get worked at the same time to boost the body’s natural ability to cleanse.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga-Pregnancy and Beyond.

please See home page http://www.yogambs.com/pregnancy-yoga/



Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is effective for healing pain, emotional distress, fear, anxiety and the release of unhelpful cellular memory. EFT is a beautiful tapping technique and is known as psychological acupressure.

We use the fingertips to stimulate energy points in the body to release the emotional or energetic blockage—the emotion and pain.

We connect with and recognise the emotion or pain and as we move through the negative emotion, pain, unresolved problem, or anything that’s disturbing you. accepting, moving it through, unblocking we begin transmuting the negative energy. Coming back to neutrality and into release so you kick start your bodies natural potential to heal its self.


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