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Try a yoga class, drop into your body and your breath.
Move, stretch deeper, be still, release stress, heal trauma and unhelpful cellular memory —What does your body need?

Yoga . Body Tapping EFT . Embodiment Practice.


I teach classes on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and host monthly Embodiment practices. See below for more details.
If you would like to know more about each practice style and the benefits, click on Tina’s Bio on the home page to read more about each one.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling balanced, re-aligned, healthy, relaxed and uplifted.





*Held at the Cornwall Hotel & Spa £10 per class £40 for a 4 week membership- Contact Tina to book

The Healing Hour 

Less Doing More Being

Whether it’s your busy mind, tight and achy shoulders and upper body, or lower back and hips this class will provide a soothing and healing release to all the built up tension, aches and pains. Tension can reside in the body in various capacities, and it’s because we are always busy, never really stopping and taking on a lot! So we often get to the point when we can’t hold much more, so the body holds it for us.

With both a yin and Yang style feel of deeper stretches, longer holds, myofacial release, soft healing movements, twists, stretches, and folds for the upper body, side body, spine, hips and legs that work the whole body to balance in those yin and Yang energies. The doing and the stillness, this class embodies the divine femininity and sacred masculinity energies to come into balance and allow each essence to flow.

This class will help you to rehabilitate your body, create more balance and let yourself surrender and return to your center, the true essence inside of yourself.

After a whole body re-boot you will surrender and let everything go in Savasana with guided meditation relaxation.

This class is perfect for anyone who has:

— A busy demanding Life, mentally and physically.

— Recovering from injury or healing from illness or surgery.

— Has just had a baby and would like post natal healing and recovery.

— Is sleep deprived, burnt out or has adrenal fatigue, anxiety or depression.

Create space in the body and mind and release tension. Let yourself sink into the poses and let go of any worries or stress

*Held at the Cornwall Hotel & Spa £10 per class Contact Tina to book


7pm-8.15pm weekly 

*Held at the Cornwall Hotel & Spa £10 per class £40 for a 4 week membership.
Contact Tina to book.

Yin + Restorative Yoga

A combination of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. This class offers a deep restful experience to fully surrender and kick start the body’s natural healing potential through a series of very deep therapeutic Yin Yoga stretches to rehabilitate the joints and muscles in the body. Perfect for anyone looking to improve sleep, de-stress, heal anxiety, increase flexibility, release tightness and tension, heal from back and body pain, stiffness and rehabilitation for sports injuries.

Deep meditation and guided relaxation included.

**Take this class if your unwell, recovering from illness, injury, sleep deprived, post natal recovery, stressed, exhausted, or in any physical or emotional pain or simply want to improve flexibility and unwind**



7pm-8.15pm weekly 

*Held at the Cornwall Hotel & Spa £10 per class £40 for a 4 week membership.
Contact Tina to book.


A dynamic and invigorating Vinyasa Flow sequence, connecting breath with body movements and asanas . An uplifting and traditional practice to bring strength and flexibility. Each week we have a collective theme and move through it with different yoga asanas, pranayama breath work, mudras and mantras. We end the flow by resting down for savasana in guided relaxation and meditation.



 Take an invigorating early morning yoga class, a light Vinyasa practice with combination of relaxing restorative asana, whole body stretches, Pranayama breath work sequences, mudras and mantras to wake up the body and clear the mind. Held at the beautiful Cornwall Hotel and Spa ** £7.50 for non Members and locals.

**Or top up the healing with an opportunity for you to indulge in peace and wellness throughout the rest of the day with the spa offering**

Yoga Class and 2 hour Saturday Mini Spa Retreat £15

To this Saturday offerings Please click the link to The Cornwall Hotel spa to book this class. 

bringing you your Mini yoga Retreat home away from home in a total wellness package, Located in nature.


Pregnancy Yoga — Subscription package lighter better birth Bundle

online Download— Coming Soon


A nurturing and supportive pre-natal yoga practice in a complete package.  You will receive 11 pregnancy yoga classes with a bonus guided relaxation Hypnobirthing and post partum birth recovery and healing class included, where you can practice anywhere at anytime to prepare your mind body and soul for birthing and motherhood.

Pre-natal yoga classes are infused with flowing, gentle yoga postures (asanas) that aim to stretch out and create more space in the body, as well as promoting the pelvic floor muscles to become strong, supple and flexible for birthing. We work with ancient and primal techniques that have been used by women for thousands of years for the support of a lighter better Birth.
Gravity, sound vibration and breathing techniques are used to ease your body through labour into a less painful birth experience, with “practice contractions” that aim to guide and teach you how to use your body and mind effectively during labour contractions and the 2nd stage of birth, as you learn optimal birthing positions, rebozo and sifting techniques and be guided with visualisation ation skills that many women have reported have all got them through the hardest part of labour— transitional stage!

Finally a deep relaxation and visualisation Hypnobirthing journey in savasana.

Link to more info on pregnancy, birth and post-natal healing support and recovery is on my home page.



Embodiment Practice Therapy

Diosa Dance

5pm-6pm Monthly—scheduled for the last Sunday of every month

** £10 online class

Contact Tina to book.

This is an embodiment practice that connects you back to yourself and it’s infused with some of the most helpful tools you will come to need on your journey toward healing and freedom.

This is a state of flow class and incorporates a variety of science based exercises with ancient ritual and practices for nervous system release and regulation and healing for trauma and burnout.

Intuitive Dance, shaking, tapping, hip circling are all part of a primal movement that is medicine. The drumming of the body that awakens your free spirit.
This movement of the hips is the spiral of the circle of life.

This class is infused to ignite the divine feminine energy in the body. Receptive. Calming. Nurturing and intuitive—Movements are intuitive, fluid, soft and healing, so you release stress, unlock tension and get out of your head and back into your body.
It’s connection back to self through free movement and Diosa ( Goddess) Dance.

Immerse your body and mind in the powerful energy of movement immersive and experience the flow of the divine feminine.
this practice is a an experience of movement,  stimulating music, sound and frequency healing, breath work, guided meditations, lots of energy work and tapping with EFT ( emotional freedom technique) included. I infuse TRE shaking exercises ( Tension Trauma Release Exercises) for the release of stress, trauma and unhelpful cellular memory.

Empower your inner Diosa, release stress, tension and trauma that we store in the body—  Emotions are energy and energy wants to move.  This practice is a tool box for self care, inner child work and healing deep.

Perfect for anyone— move out stress, illness, emotional stress, chemical stress, physical stress and injury—past or present trauma.

Drop into the primal animal body and breathe as you move and dance.


EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Healing Sessions

1 on 1 guided practice and your choice of in Person or Via Online practice at a time that suits you.
£50 for 60 minutes- A personal EFT experience.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is effective for healing pain, emotional distress, fear, burnout, anxiety and the release of unhelpful cellular memory.  EFT is a beautiful body tapping technique and is known as psychological acupressure.we have 108 sacred energy points in the body, when blocked we feel the distress or disease from stagnant energy, I teach you how to unblock and free these rivers for optimal health and healing.

We use the power of the fingertips to stimulate energy points in the body to release the emotional or energetic blockage—the emotion and pain.

We connect with and recognise the emotion or pain and as we move through the negative emotion, the pain, the unresolved problem, or anything that’s disturbing you, we connect to accepting, moving it through and unblocking.

You begin transmuting the negative energy, into release and relief.
Guided meditation, breath work and relaxation always is included. A personal experience.

** Please also see other pages for additional Mini Retreats, Sound Bath Sessions, embodiment Heal Classes and Workshops “Pop up Yoga”


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