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Try a yoga class, drop into breath, move, stretch, be still—what do you need?

Classes are unique and taught by Tina, a certified and experienced yoga teacher, who offers Group classes and private classes, Yoga for Schools and group yoga retreats. To see all class descriptions and benefits, please click Tina’s Bio on the home page ( scroll down) to read more about each class style.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling balanced, re-aligned, healthy, relaxed and uplifted.


Welcome to the M E N U
Class times and Price list included…


6pm-7.15pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga **£9 or £45 for a five class pass £85 for a ten class pass. Beautiful Dynamic invigorating sequences connecting breath with movements with guided relaxation meditations. Infused with Hot Cloths and Hot Stone therapy.

7.30pm-8.45pm —Tension, Trauma Release Class. With Heal Movement vibrations and Deep Myofascial Release.  A practice that incorporates healing movements, deep stretches and breakthrough TRE exercise ( Tension Trauma Release Exercise). For the healing, recovery and release of unhelpful cellular memory, stress, tension and trauma that we store in the body. Infused self healing life alignment therapies, Myofacial Release, Self massage techniques and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Guided relaxation and breathing techniques are included to absorb the healing. Perfect for anyone moving through stress, illness, loss, physical injury, past or present trauma. More information here…


6pm-7.15pm  Tina’s Signature Pregnancy yoga **£10.   Stretch and breathe your way to a lighter better birth.  See Home Page for lots more info on this specialist class and more Pre and Post Natal Workshops and Retreats— Postitive Birth Workshops, my New Heart and Womb Healing Workshop Retreat and Mama Earth Retreats.

7.30pm-8.45pm **£9 Heal Restorative Yin Mix Yoga- A combination of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Tina’s signature Hot Cloths, healing essential oils and Hot Stone relaxation therapy. This class offers a deep restful experience to fully surrender and kick start the body’s natural healing potential mixed with a series of very deep therapeutic Yin Yoga stretches to rehabilitate the joints and muscles in the body. Perfect for anyone looking to improve sleep, de-stress, heal anxiety, increase flexibility, release tightness and tension, heal from back and body pain, stiffness and rehabilitation for sports injuries.

Deeper relaxation from Chakra healing, Yoga Nidra Sleep to Elusive Dreams.

**Take this class if your unwell, recovering from illness, injury, sleep deprived, stressed, exhausted, or in any physical or emotional pain or simply want to improve flexibility and unwind**


7.30pm-8.45pm  Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Tina **£9 £45 for a five class pass £85 for a ten class pass. Beautiful Dynamic invigorating sequences connecting breath with movements with guided relaxation meditations and Hot Stone therapy.



8.30am-9.30am Take an invigorating early morning yoga class at the beautiful Cornwall Hotel and Spa ** £7.50 for non Members and locals.

**Or top up the healing with several opportunities for you to indulge in peace and wellness throughout the rest of the day with these two offerings**

Yoga Class and 2 hour Saturday Mini Spa Retreat £15

Yoga class and Saturday Spa Retreat with fresh breakfast smoothie and 30 minute neck, back and head massage. £60

To book any of the Saturday offerings Please call or email the spa to book your Saturday Yoga class or Mini Retreat.

Tel: 01726 874055 / Email: 

bringing you your Mini yoga Retreat home away from home in a total wellness package, Located in nature—

The Cornwall Hotel and Spa offers you full amenities. Yoga practice, nature spaces, massage, gymnasium, Spa facilities, dry sauna, aromatherapy steam room, pool and drench showers. With changing rooms, bath robe,  towel and a full-service restaurant and bar in a wrap-around garden.

** Please also see other pages for additional Mini Retreats, Monthly Sunday Sound Bath Sessions and Workshops “Pop up Yoga” classes available now for 2019**

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