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Whatever your moving through. Whatever you feel. Be there. Feel the feelings so you don’t become them.

Emotions come and go and the natural thing is to release but we live in a world where this is not encouraged. Where we hear kids being told to “stop crying”, We’re taught to “keep it together”. Its not healthy. It’s not real. It’s bullshit… reality is we have shit days. We have struggles. We hold pain. It’s life. Tears arrive. And then they stop. Anger arrives. And then it leaves. So let it. Let yourself feel, It’s why you’re here. Letting these things surface so they can release is the key to happiness.

I swear, this is true—

If your caught up in negativity, or only focusing on how bad things feel and not doing anything to move it out you will only move deeper into that state. Don’t get too self absorbed. Find the release button…Express yourself with art, movement, music, go surf, go run, explore, travel, be wild, let it go. In the most raw and gentle way.  When you move in with kindness you move it all out. There is peace within in it all.


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