Healing Stress, Tension and Trauma

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**CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY— A New Class to heal unhelpful  CELLULAR MEMORIES. RECOVER from Stress, Injury, Tension and Trauma**


For a long time my body needed healing, it’s been through so much! The layers of stress…that can still accumulate! I know first hand the effects of stress and trauma —how hard it feels! There is a path to healing and for many years I’ve studied and practiced hard to achieve this knowledge and renewal and I’ve learnt a lot about healing of the mind and body along the way.

In the Tension, Trauma Release Class you will really start to Break through the tension and cleanse your Energy. I wanted to share practices that I’ve used for many years now that have supported my healing and path to living the best life. Of health and wellness.

Ive infused Heal Movements within the class and I share with you very special life alignment therapies for the support and healing of stress and trauma….it can be for anyone who experiences stress— From daily stress and tension, pressures, demands to prolonged chronic stress and injury that hasn’t been healed or released. These therapies and movement techniques are used on trauma survivors, for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and for the release of everyday stress that we all experience.

Our bodies are wise beyond belief, with the capacity to heal… but to live a life in balance in this busy, fast paced world is hard! Life stress, chaos and bad days. Every day stress is everywhere! In workplace tension, environmental toxins, old injuries, toxic relationships, sleep issues, back pain and digestive issue… to much deeper traumas like relationship and childhood trauma, a traumatic or negative birth experience and chronic health conditions. Maybe it’s in your job, your work, or your just holding it all together balancing a family! We all hold onto that vibration of stress in some way and it can stay in specific parts of the body and nervous system! This is prolonged stress, that our bodies are just not designed for! Culturally we have learned to suppress and indure this prolonged stress, and it continues to manifest itself into ailments and illness.

Its time to commit to your own healing from the effects of all the stress and hurt your body has been through. The deep cellular memory that is in need of healing. Our cells tell a story. Our bodies are made of billions of cells and microorganisms, each one containing  biological and emotional DNA. Every experience, every feeling is stored up and influence your entire cellular memory—and the health of your body.

you can learn how to undo the pain, empty yourself of tension and the stories that keep you stuck. We can dissolve unhelpful cellular memory with very specific life alignment therapies. When we move through pain, loss, stress or trauma the body and nervous system start to shut down parts of itself, this stress gets stored on a deeper level, we can hold onto that tension for years, for some people a lifetime! And creates tension, chronic body pain, and even illness or disease… We have to do the inner healing. The physical work to undo the hurt we’ve been through! Cut the cords and renew, we all need it!

You will learn how to bring the nervous system back into balance, with some Tension Trauma Release, Whole Body Vibration Energy Movement and Myiofacial Release techniques. With these techniques you can discover a practice and healing that works to help calm the nervous system and bring the body back into balance. These are all self healing, self medicine techniques that will strengthen the mind and body discord.

….Cellular memory is so powerful, but the attachment to stress and trauma it holds can be released. If you allow yourself the space for the body to let it go. You can live a life of alignment and you deserve to. For your energy and the energy we transfer to others and to change the cycle!

learning these healing tools will empower you with knowledge and techniques to heal and change your life for the better.  I can’t wait to share this new class, coming for March 2019.


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