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Are you in need of recharging? Do you feel tired,drained or have you experienced any of the following….

1. When you wake up in the morning, you still feel tired.

2. You find it difficult to fall asleep at night or wake in the night and/ or often have interrupted sleep.

3. Your muscles and/or joints ache, and not because you just worked out but because you are tired or over worked.

4. You keep planning to “take some time for yourself,” but never get around to it.

5. You constantly multitasking, including during meals, talking on the telephone and even while you’re in the bathroom.

6. You often take work home with you.

7. You feel edgy, impatient,snappy and or emotional.

8. You long for that last minute travel deal to an exotic location, wishing to escape from the go go go lifestyle.

9. You catch every cold that’s going around, and never seem to completely recover or often feel rundown.

10. You have recently had surgery or have an injury, but have decided to “just push through it” and keep working out at the same level.

11. You have recently or are currently going through a stressful time: you have moved house, lost your job,got a new job, got married, got divorced,separated from a partner or experienced a Loss of someone you love- grief.

12. You have recently had a baby- major life change!

If you have answered YES to more than 2 than Restorative Yoga will heal your body and your mind back into balance again.
Restorative yoga is a very special type of yoga. Unlike the constant flow of vinyasa or the deep stretch of Hatha yoga, restorative yoga is a quiet, reflective, and mostly passive practice. Using props to support the body and long holds of poses (3-5-15 minutes), restorative yoga triggers the Relaxation Response and helps the nervous system recover from continuous daily stress. Which left untreated can manifest into ailments and illness within the body.

Restorative yoga brings the body into deep relaxation, where it can heal on the cellular level. It also gives the mind a much needed break from all the cluttered thoughts that filter through on a daily basis. People who practice restorative yoga often experience relief from physical injuries, emotional pain,stress, exhaustion and depression….
as well as greater mental clarity, better focus and attention, and less overall stress.

In restorative yoga the main objective is relaxation and breathing ( Pranayama) a life force technique that will replenish the body and mind to leave you feeling well-rested and restored.
We allow gravity to do all the work for us,our bodies melt into the earth as we are gently guided to twist or fold onto bolsters and props and surrender completely.
The sequences are designed to move the spine in all directions and draw upon the old age wisdom of yoga that “well-being” is enhanced by a healthy strong spine.
Even though there is a lot less doing and moving than your typical yoga class the restorative poses consist of backbends, expansion and forward folds working the whole body, draining the lymphatic system, releasing toxins from vital organs and circulating the energy flow and blood flow around the body evenly.

Each posture has it’s own unique benefits and the whole practice relieves the effects of stress on the body- Restorative Yoga has been scientifically proven to antidote stress with studies dating back to the 1930’s. The main benefits of the research highlighting that this type of relaxation can cure and aid the recovery of many alignments and illnesses such as; cancer,insomnia, high blood pressure, nervousness,anxiety and other mental health disorders, indigestion, colitis, stress and exhaustion.
Restorative yoga can also help prevent Altziemers disease and improve brain functioning and memory.

Learning to relax is at the heart of living well, it is important to make the time but this can be challenging with an already busy schedule. Sometimes your practice may not be satisfying and you may wonder what good it is doing, as your mind protests that it has so much to do but it is at these moments when it is most important to continue.
Consider your body, your breath and your mind and that this is essential practice to bring balance and harmony to your whole being- Relax and Renew.

“If anything is sacred,the human body is sacred”-Walt Whitman.
When we take better care of ourselves we can take better care of others and be a better parent,partner,friend or worker. So know that this will not just improve your life but the lives of others around you.

I hope you find time to practice and experience the stillness and present moment that restorative yoga brings…
“We are always getting ready to live but never living”-Ralph Waldo Emetson
This is so true, often we are so busy rushing around, living in this go go go lifestyle that we forget about the present moment, we are always thinking ahead and in the future too much…as a result, we miss out on all that life is offering because we are too busy! Or too busy doing the opposite-living in the past, re-playing life’s past events like a movie in your mind, wishing we did things differently! Wishing we could change things! Well, the bottom line to that is we can’t, so you have to use the “fuck it” philosophy on that one, move on and learn the lessons of life experience!

It’s not until we experience living in the present moment that we can say we have really “lived” and this feels amazing!

Try it sometime….

Restorative yoga every Wednesday night at the studio 7.30pm-8.45pm.


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