The Power of Intention

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“When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it’s bottomless, that it doesn’t have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space.
— Pema Chödrön

What does it means to set an intention? To be present and positive, even through the hardest of times?
Since I found yoga and became a mother it’s opened my heart to so much more, I’ve always been sensitive but what I mean is that I really allow myself be present with whatever emotions I’m experiencing, whether it’s sadness, grief, anger and of course joy and happiness! I really let myself feel these things and let it release too. I have learnt to sit with it. To feel and work through with positive mantras (repeated affirmations in my mind). It helps to break open negativity.
I have a busy life, it can get stressful, overwhelming, I get exhausted and juggle a lot, but like many people I’m constantly striving to find balance between working, being a parent and running a business and distribute myself evenly! Although it doesn’t always work! Sometimes that long list of things to do just doesn’t get the tick off…My first priority are my children, they are always first on top of the list and that means sometimes work falls behind and that’s fine, it’s the way it has to be. Acceptance. Just accept that things are as they are. What ever your moving through, always set your priorities and hold onto that, it’s ok to let other things go. And set your intentions. It really will work out. Even through the stress I’m still learning if I actively explore the meaning and importance of intentional living and acceptance it can lead me through the toughest of times.

You can join me for my up and coming Mini Workshop Retreat ...
Tina Pascoe on JANUARY 26th 2018

I’m creating an opportunity for you to practice the powerful art of positive thinking and manifestation.
What does it really mean when you to set an intention? How can we actively create our reality?
About eight years ago now I made a big life change and started a journey that led me through many changes and hardships but also to happiness, joy and my dream job of becoming a yoga teacher, having experienced owning my own yoga studio, birthing two beautiful baby boys who are my entire world.
I sat down with a vision of what I wanted out of this life…8 years ago I asked myself this question! I wrote what at the time appeared to be the simplest list of all time. The list read:
Yoga. Peace. Love.
At that time I was desperate for a change — unhappy and depleted. It was the hardest thing to break away from all I ever knew, I had a good job with all the benefits of sick pay, pension and holiday pay, my own house with a mortgage and a partner of 10 years but in my conscious mind I was unhappy and just had this overwhelming intuition, this sense that life for me was not here…I made the move and it was then I truly realized that our words, thoughts, and intentions are so incredibly powerful. I started to create more intentions for that life I wanted and it started to unfold. It wasn’t always easy, there were struggles along the way, building a business alongside becoming a new mum for the first time, running on little sleep was the hardest, perhaps craziest thing I decided to do but I got through, there were financial struggles but I manifested more intentions and little miracles seemed to appear, I cared for my father who was really sick with grief and his addiction to alcohol exploded fully and I saw him sink into someone unrecognisable through the destruction and abuse of alcohol but kept giving him as much love as I could and eventually saw him recover to become a father that I had not experienced before, I had him back for 2 years, then within three weeks after giving birth to my second son he died, it was a heart attack, he had been through so much. So much emotional pain, its ironic because it was grief and heartache he was battling with and I believe it was all connected. For me it was like time froze for a moment, a combination of beauty in new life and loss in death. Beginnings and endings. The biggest contrast in feelings all at once.

Through time passing I made new friends, lost some on the way…It was a journey to say the least. Through it all, the sadness, grief, joy and love, It was all part of the journey and each time I took my thoughts back to those intentions. And just had trust in life.


I still make regular intentions and keep those positive mantras in my mind when life gets tough and would love to share with you how this deeper practice can change your life for the better and get you through the hardest of struggles!
These practices are for everyone — whether intention setting is part of your daily ritual or you haven’t written in a journal since childhood.  Join me on this continuing journey and strip away all the stuff that is holding you back. I open the workshop Retreat for January 26th. 6.30pm-9pm at £45 And it’s going to be fulfilling and inspiring.

We all have limiting beliefs – Im not good enough, I can’t do that, or I shouldn’t do.  that would be selfish, I’m too old, my friends and family wouldn’t approve… the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get stuck in this dialogue, making it difficult to break free from the chains of our mind and live our happiest, most authentic lives. So, think of this clearing meditation as the first step, to start clearing out the depri and make a move towards whatever it is you dream of…
Here’s a peek into the evening I have planned


Clearing Meditations – releasing limiting beliefs.
Infused with meditations that will enliven the senses. We experience beautiful smells, deep pressure touch sensation through massage points, sweet tastes and golden sight.

Strip away all the stuff — what do you really want?
Trusting that little voice inside — our intuition is pretty spot on. Only you know what is best for you. we grab a pen and paper and begin to make that list, or perhaps write a letter to yourself.

Co–create with the universe through visualisation
Actively setting intentions. Evoke your happiness and peace and bring it all to life on a vision board. Visualization is magic.

**Infused with meditation sacred goody bags to take away, ready for the intentions to flow and manifest**

Get ready for the journey…

Love and light



Believe you can – Dream it – Believe it – See it!


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  • Sarah Arundell

    Many thanks for sharing your inspirational story! I would be interested in attending in October and will keep eyes 👀 open for other upcoming events!

    • tinayoga1

      Thank you I hope you can make it 🙏🏻

  • Gaynor

    Yes please, can I book?

  • Darren

    Wow…..honest and raw

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