Heal Retreat-A journey through the chakras

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A Journey through the Chakras
FEBRUARY Friday 24TH 2017

This winter heal and rest more with this restorative mini retreat. It will leave you feeling like your floating in warm waters… We focus on balancing your whole body and mind to deeply heal, relax and rejuvenate. This retreat is perfect for winter and anyone who is unwell with illness or in recovery from past illness. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort, anxiety, stress, loss, sleep deprivation, tiredness, exhaustion or are just in need of some tlc and wish to escape the demands of everyday living from work and family commitments you will love this retreat and feel truly rested.

By looking after yourself you will be able to give more to others, making you a better friend, worker or parent.
We kick start the bodies natural healing potential with deeply healing yoga therapy techniques. You will be guided through the 7 energy centres in the body-The chakras. These energy points in your body are connected to body functions and affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
With chakra clearing techniques each one will be worked back into balance again using guided visualisations, sound vibrations meditations, crystal healing, hot stone therapy, deep pressure touch techniques and therapeutic yoga postures that open the body and work the entire spine to soothe the nervous system and give you greater vitality and higher levels of well-being.

You will also experience a long restorative yoga session with yoga Nidra sleep to end the day completely switched off from the pressure of the outside world.
This retreat includes a soul food health drink to nourish you within.
Its is open to all levels, it is deeply healing and relaxing. Be prepared to slow down, breathe and rest in stillness.

*We explore holistic health recipes and natural medicinals to help prevent and heal the body from illness, particularly in winter. Natures antibiotics 💚

Join the healing✨✨

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